Do you get anything free from Cheesecake Factory on your birthday?

If you celebrate your birthday at The Cheesecake Factory they will give you a FREE Mini Hot Fudge Sundae. … Or, if you didn’t save room for dessert, we offer a complimentary birthday sundae with a tiny “scoopette” of vanilla ice cream, fudge, and top it with a crown of whipped cream, confetti pieces and a candle.

Do I get free cheesecake on my birthday at cheesecake Factory?

No they do not give you free cheesecake on your birthday but an ice cream with sprinkles and a candle.

How do I get a free cheesecake from cheesecake Factory?

To receive the Free Slice, guests must add a slice of cheesecake or layer cake to their Qualifying Purchase and include the promotion code “FREESLICE” at checkout.

Does Applebee’s give you a free meal on your birthday?

Receive a free Applebee’s meal

Applebee’s offers a free dessert, entree or appetizer for those celebrating their birthday via their exclusive email club.

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Does cheesecake Factory have a reward program?

As the restaurant continues to thrive, it’s only right to give their customer base something to thank them for their loyalty. According to Restaurant Business, The Cheesecake Factory will be rolling out a loyalty rewards program that will be a permanent fixture for 2022 and beyond.

Does Cheesecake Factory give free bread?

Cheesecake Factory’s “Brown Bread” is famous for a reason.

The restaurant gives you a complimentary bread basket with brown and white bread, but we all know which one we’re truly here for. … If you can’t get enough, you can also buy the Cheesecake Factory’s famous brown bread at supermarkets.

How many slices are in a 10 inch cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory?

All cheesecakes and specialty cakes come in 10-inch sizes, serving 12 – 15 people, and most are sold pre-sliced into 12 slices. Our most popular cheesecakes are also available in 7-inch sizes, serving 6 – 8 people. Select cheesecakes come in our 6-inch size, serving 4 – 6 people.

How do you get the 20 dollar deal at the Cheesecake Factory?

The deal includes the following seven menu items for 20 bucks:

  1. Two Double Cheeseburger “Happy Hour” Burgers.
  2. Two orders of fries.
  3. Two soft drinks.
  4. One slice of Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake.

Does cheesecake Factory offer military discount?

The Cheesecake Factory is a full restaurant and cheesecake distributing company. They, unfortunately, do not offer a military discount at this time.

How much does an entire cheesecake from cheesecake Factory cost?

You can order them online, right now, straight from Cheesecake Factory’s website. Prices vary based on size and flavor, but you can snag a 6-inch Original Cheesecake for around $20. If you’re more into chocolate, grab a 7-inch Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake for just under $32.

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Does Taco Bell give free food on your birthday?

Free Birthday Meal Reward

Reward valid on your birthday and 30 days after. To receive this deal please get the Taco Bell app by clicking on the GET APP button above.

Does Texas Roadhouse give free birthday dessert?

Become a Texas Roadie at Texas Roadhouse for a FREE Cactus Blossom just for signing up, as well as a FREE dessert/appetizer/entrée on your birthday and anniversary date.

Does McDonald’s give free food on your birthday?

McDonald’s. You can pick up a free Happy Meal on your birthday if you sign up for McDonald’s email newsletter. Oh, and also, you have to be a kid to qualify.

How can I get a free cheesecake?

Just order online for takeout or delivery and spend more than $40. Then, add the promo code TREATME at checkout and voila, free cheesecake! The cheesecakes on offer are truly two of the most decadent items on The Cheesecake Factory’s menu.

Does Cheesecake Factory offer a senior discount?

8 answers. They presently do not give any senior or military discounts, at any of the Cheese Cake Factory Restaurant’s Chains.

What software does Cheesecake Factory use?

Today POSitouch is the go-to POS system for over 40,000 restaurants in the U.S., South America, Asia, and Europe–including Cheesecake Factory, which has 210 locations across the U.S. However, POSitouch also offers solutions for small businesses, making it one of the more flexible restaurant POS systems on the market.