Does Bob’s Discount Furniture ship to Hawaii?

There may be a few remote zip codes that don’t qualify, but for the most part, if you live in the contiguous United States, I’ll ship to you. Sorry, Alaska and Hawaii!

How many states is Bob’s Discount Furniture in?

As of February 2020, the company has 126 stores in 20 states, primarily in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and West Coast.

How many locations does Bob’s Discount Furniture have?

Adding more than 20 new stores since February 2018, Bob’s now boasts 111 retail locations in 18 states throughout the East Coast, West Coast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest regions.

Who owns Bob’s Discount furniture?

The founders no longer own Bob’s Discount Furniture

According to Furniture Today, Bob’s had 19 stores in 2005 when 70% of the company was sold to a private equity firm. … Since then, Bob’s Discount Furniture has changed hands again and is now owned by an investment firm, Bain Capital.

Where is Bob’s Discount Furniture headquarters?

His right leg was badly shattered and for a time in danger of being amputated. The leg is still partially paralyzed. He took months to recuperate and had to give up his job with Radio Shack. He worked in other jobs, including a stint as a supervisor in a factory, but eventually decided to try something else.

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Is Bob’s Discount furniture Made in China?

With the majority of the company’s furniture made in the United States, some parts and materials for Bob’s Discount Furniture do come from China. The retailer is passionate about supporting American families and local communities.

What happened Bob Kaufman?

When John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Kaufman took a personal vow of silence and did not speak until the end of the Vietnam War. He eventually became a practicing Buddhist. He died in 1986.

Where did Bob Mills furniture start?

In 1971, Bob launched his furniture business in a building located at 2625 S.W. 29th that used to house an IGA grocery store. While there, the business thrived for many years, constantly growing before Bob had to move the business to a bigger location in the late 1980s.

Does Bob’s Furniture have candy?

All of our stores feature an “on the house” cafe with gourmet coffee, ice cream, cookies and candy. We put the fun in furniture shopping!

How much is Bob from Bob’s Discount Furniture worth?

With a net worth of presumably $26 billion (Bob’s was founded in 1991), Bob Kaufman has a lot of disposable income to invest in experimental technologies and procedures.

Where is Ashley Furniture made?

Manufacturing and distribution facilities are located in Wisconsin, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Vietnam and China. Since the 1980s China has been a major source for Ashley’s furniture.