How can I get 10 discount on SBI debit card from Flipkart?

How can I get SBI 10 discount on Flipkart?

Offer Details

  1. The Validity of the Program (Term) is from 28th October 2021 (00:00 hrs) to 3rd November 2021 (23:59 hrs). …
  2. Under this offer, SBI Debit Card holders (‘Cardholders’) are eligible to get a 10% Instant Discount on all categories during the Term, for purchase made/effected using SBI Debit cards (‘Card’).

How can I get SBI offer on Flipkart?

In order to avail the offer on Travel category the customer must enter the promo code “FLYDIWALI” for Flights. In case a customer makes partial payment through Flipkart Gift Card, offer will apply only on the net amount paid using the Card. This Offer is also valid on EMI transactions on SBI credit card.

What is flipkart SBI 2020 offer?

Flipkart Offer. Under this offer, SBI Credit Card holders can get an extra 10% Instant discount on Minimum transaction equal to or more than Rs. 4,999 excluding Grocery items. For Grocery items, this amount should be equal to or more than INR 1,500.

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What is the 10% SBI credit cards offer?

What is the offer? Get 10% Cashback on State Bank Debit or Credit Cards. … The maximum cashback permitted/allowed on a Card (including all add-on-card transactions in case of SBI Credit Cards) during the Offer Period is Rs. 1,500/-.

What is Yono SBI offer in Flipkart?

In this Flipkart YONO SBI offer, you can get an additional cashback of 5% as Flipkart Gift Voucher. There is no minimum purchase required to get the cashback. All you have to do is shop sing YONO SBI app and pay using SBI Debit Card or Credit Card, that’s it.

Which debit card has most offers?

Another leading bank to offer debit cards is HDFC. The bank offer an extensive range of debit cards which have been designed to make shopping easier, quick and secure for you.

Online Purchase Limit on The IndusInd Range of Debit Cards.

Card Online Daily Shopping Limit
Platinum Plus Debit Card Rs 2,50,000

Which credit card is best in SBI?

10 Best SBI Credit Cards for 2021

SBI Credit Card Annual Fee Best Suited For
Air India SBI Platinum Credit Card Rs. 1,499 Travel
SBI StyleUp Contactless Card Rs. 499 Shopping
Yatra SBI Card Rs. 499 Travel
Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME Rs. 2,999 Travel & Rewards

What is prepaid discount in Flipkart?

What is the offer? Extra 10% off up to Rs 1,000 on all prepaid transactions (Limited Period Only), using leading bank (Refer Annexure 1) valid and current credit card /debit card or Netbanking.

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How many times we can use credit card in Flipkart?

How many times can this offer be applied? There is no limit on the number of transactions. However, you can avail upto a maximum discount of INR 1,500 per Credit Card for the offer duration.

How can I get money back from Flipkart?

Click on the Orders tab in the Flipkart mobile app or desktop site to find the Return option.

If you want a refund

  1. As an IMPS transfer if you have paid via cash-on-delivery.
  2. As a refund via the same source that you used to pay for the order (called Back to Source).

What is American Express network cards?

An American Express card, also called “AmEx,” is an electronic payment card. It is created by the publicly-traded financial services company American Express (AXP). AXP issues and processes prepaid, charge, and credit cards. … Unlike Visa and MasterCard, American Express both runs a network and issued cards.

What is instant discount in Flipkart?

Instant discount on Flipkart – Terms and Conditions Offer Details: … From 6-31st every month the customer will get 5% instant discount on products sold on, & mAPP (“Offer”) upto a maximum of Rs. 200 per month.

What is BPCL SBI card?

Your BPCL SBI Card is an international credit card and can be used at over 24 million outlets worldwide, including 3,25,000 outlets in India. Use your card to make payments at any outlet that accepts Visa or MasterCard.

What is the highest credit card limit in India?

1,00,000 – Rs. 2,50,000. JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World Credit Card Limit: Rs. 2 Lakhs – Rs.

Super Premium Credit Cards:

  • HDFC Infinia Credit Card Limit: Rs. 8 Lakhs & Above.
  • HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card Limit: Rs. 4 Lakhs & Above.
  • JetPrivilege HDFC Diners Club Credit Card Limit: Rs. 4 Lakhs & Above.
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