How can I get discounts on Oakley sunglasses?

What is Oakley Standard Issue Discount?

Discounts on Oakley Standard Issue

35% off Prescription Sunglasses and Eyeglasses and Free Shipping. Additional 15% off any Order for New Users. 50% off Complete Prescription Eyeglasses and Free Shipping. 35% off Standard Issue Eyewear and Free Shipping.

Do you have to pay for Oakley MVP?

How do I join the MVP Program? It’s free to join and available to the public via Oakley’s website.

How do I get my Oakley military discount?

Oakley sunglasses has a government sales website that is normally not advertised. They offer sunglasses that meet military standards at about an average 50% savings. Service members need only to register and fax a copy of their military ID to Oakley to be eligible for their discount.

Does Oakley have Black Friday sales?

Oakley products are typically discounted heavily during the holiday season, including on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Heavily reduced pricing can be found both on Oakley’s website and on other retailers sites that specialize in sunglasses products.

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How much discount do Oakley employees get?

The 70% employee discount isn’t bad but I wish they would compensate us more as well as give us breaks since we’re on our feet all day.

Does Oakley do police discounts?

The Oakley company uses the military and law enforcement discount to show pride and support for men and women in uniform. Thanks to this program, many people who probably would have a difficult time affording Oakley eyewear can enjoy the quality of the eyewear and the pride that comes with owning Oakley glasses.

Does Oakley ever go on sale?

Does Oakley Ever Have Sales? Oakley has a variety of sales year-round. The dedicated sales page features Oakley sunglasses, Oakley eyeglasses, and Oakley prescription sunglasses are on sale for deep discounts of up to 50% off retail prices.

What is the student discount at Oakley?

20% Off for US Students

50% off Prescription Lenses + Free Shipping.

Does Oakley run sales?

Like most retailers, Oakley sales typically run during American holiday weekends and events. But it’s not the only time you can find discounts. They also run a sales and clearance section of their site where you can find discounts year-round.

Does Oakley have veterans discount?

Oakley serves the greater military community through exclusive discounts available to Veterans Advantage members who are VetRewards subscribers. Oakley is a Veterans Advantage military verification services partner for checking its customer’s eligibility for its military discounts and offers, beginning in 2020.

Does Oakley have military discount online?

Oakley is also dedicated to the U.S. military. They do not offer a military discount on their website, but they have something even better. Oakley has a unique program for military members called “Oakley Standard Issue.” Click Here to the details on how to sign up.

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Does the military use Oakley?

The Oakley® SI Uniform Collection is a colorway authorized for wear in all uniforms, both military and law enforcement. For the military, the collection falls within the eyewear guidelines in AR670-1.

Can you customize Oakleys at the store?

They have all the resources to create your custom sunglasses right in the store. The whole process takes only five minutes, and you walk out with a brand new pair created just for you. Oakley is known for being the authority in performance activities.

What is Oakley return policy?


If for any reason, you are not satisfied with an Oakley product you bought in the last 30 days from you may return it in its original condition with original packaging in new and saleable condition. (Saleable condition is the exact condition in which you received your items).