How can I get free swag?

How do you get Google swag?

How to earn a skill badge

  1. Pick your quest.
  2. Complete the challenge lab at the end of the quest to prove your skill.
  3. Earn a Google Cloud digital skill badge.
  4. Share your skill badge on your social profiles or resume.

How can I get free Dev stickers?

Leave a review about DevNews OR DevDiscuss podcasts on Apple Podcasts and get a free pack of DEV stickers.

How do you earn swags on GitHub?

Following are the ways to earn cool Developer Swag:

  1. Alexa. Timeline: Anytime. …
  2. Google Assistant. Timeline: Anytime. …
  3. Google Code-in. Timeline: October of every year. …
  4. Hacktoberfest. Timeline: October of every year. …
  5. CodeShip. Timeline: Anytime. …
  6. Microsoft + Open Source. Timeline: October. …
  7. MLH Local Hack Day. Timeline: December.

How do I get a GitHub shirt?

How to get? Before you can get a t-shirt, you must complete 4 pull requests. This year, you can choose between dark and light version of the tshirt.

How do I get GitHub stickers?

Come to our GitHub panel and there will be lots of stickers available afterwards.

Get your GitHub Stickers!

  1. Put [sticker] in the subject line so I can easily identify sticker requests.
  2. Put your FULL ADDRESS in the body. …
  3. Tell me how many stickers you want.
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How do I get the Gfg shirt?

How to submit

  1. You need to send three images (front, back and side)
  2. You can send up to 2 different designs.
  3. All submissions must be emailed to following email id:

What does swag stand for?

The word Swag is actually an acronym for “Stuff We All Get”, originated from the .com years where companies used these give-away items as promotional mechanisms.

How do I get GitLab swag?

Compare GitLab and GitHub! If you send us a link to your review on Twitter by tagging @gitlab and #GitChallenge we’ll send you some swag for giving us a try.

Take the #GitChallenge

  1. Record a video and post it on social media.
  2. Write a blog or Medium post.
  3. Post your review on one of the many review sites like G2.

What does free swag mean?

A slang term used to describe free stuff and giveaways offered by vendors at trade shows to encourage attendees to visit their booth. Swag is usually company-branded merchandise and is given away as a form of advertising. … Essentially, swag is a form of branded merchandise that is given away as a form of advertising.

How do I make a GitHub hoodie?

If you’re a verified GitHub Education student or faculty member, write a valentine to your first open source contribution with #OpenSourceValentine for a chance to win a GitHub hoodie. Tweet @GitHubEducation with #OpenSourceValentine and a link to your repository by February 28, at 12 am PT to enter.

What is GitHub Octocat?

Octocat isn’t just a logo or a mascot — it’s an inside joke shared with the 28 million software developers who use the service to share code with one another. It’s a trademark registered to GitHub, but the platform’s members are constantly creating Octocat memes or pictures of Octocat posing as various people.

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How do I merge pull requests on GitHub?

To accept the pull request, click the Pull Requests tab to see a summary of pending pull requests. If you are happy with the changes, click Merge Pull request to accept the pull request and perform the merge. You can add in a comment if you want. Once you click Merge Pull request, you will see a button Confirm merge.