How can I get free VIP points in ROK?

How do you earn VIP points?

How do I earn VIP Points?

  1. How do I earn VIP points? There are two ways to become a VIP: Purchasing packages. …
  2. Purchasing. For every purchase you make, you’ll earn VIP Points. …
  3. Leveling Up. You’ll also earn VIP points every time you collect enough XP to level up.

How many gems does it take to VIP 10 ROK?

VIP Requirements

VIP Level VIP Points VIP Chests (USD)
9 75,000 $100
10 150,000 $20
11 250,000 $20
12 350,000 $50

How do I unlock VIP shop?

The VIP store is a paid component of the game. It is available for building at level 20. It requires 10,000 “Vip badges” to unlock – these are separate from “VIP Points” which can be earned through the game via activities such as daily quests.

How do you earn VIP points on envoy?

The highest one is the Annual Cart at 99.99$ and will give you 10K VIP Points instantly once you purchase it. 3- Log-in to Evony mobile application game every day. This will allow you to gain more VIP Points. This is an example: if you log in to the game 50 days in a row, you will gain 630 VIP Points.

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How much does rise of kingdoms earn?

As of writing this article, Rise of Kingdoms earned more than $1.1 billion. 23% or $262 million comes from the US.

How many points do you need for VIP 3?


VIP Points Auto Battle Bonus Event Raid Buys
1400 +30% 2
3150 +45% 2
7560 +60% 3
18900 +75% 3

Where is VIP shop ROK?

VIP Points per day). The VIP Shop is unlocked after building the Shop at City Hall level 5 and allows you to purchase some items at a reduced gem cost, depending on your VIP level.

How do you get VIP badges on twitch?

How do I unlock more VIP badges? Streamers can unlock more VIP badges by getting more viewers to chat during streams. Specifically, getting 10/15/20/25/50/100/200 unique chatters in a stream will unlock 20/30/40/50/80/100 additional VIP badges.

How do you get a VIP badge on free fire?

Steps To Get S-VIP Badge In Free Fire

  1. Step 1: You need to click on the ‘Membership’ icon at the top of the screen.
  2. Step 2: Next, you must press the buttons below the respective memberships and make the payment.
  3. Step 3: After you have purchased the memberships, you will automatically receive the S-VIP badge in Free Fire.