How can I get free Yeti stickers?

Does Yeti send free stickers?

You will receive a free sticker with any purchase of a YETI Tundra, TANK, Roadie, Hopper, Panga, LoadOut, or Rambler product.

Can Yeti stickers go in dishwasher?

We suggest using YETI Cleaning Tablets however all Rambler Products are dishwasher safe. If you’re going the dishwasher route, just make sure everything goes where it should to get them as clean as possible.

Where do I find Yeti registration code?


Your YETI product has a small sticker with a 12-digit serial number and QR code. It’s out of plain sight, but easy to find. This will be different from the product UPC code that starts in either “8888” or “100”. Check out the images below to locate the sticker on your YETI product.

Will vinyl stick to colored yeti?

As long as it has a clear coat on the tumbler, it should adhere without problems. … I have a powder coated cup that I used another vinyl decal on (a circle-shaped initial decal) and that one adhered just fine.

How do you keep a yeti from peeling?

Before you start, make sure your stainless steel tumbler or mug has been cleaned and dried. And clean the cup with rubbing alcohol. This helps to remove any remaining grease or residue that will prevent the vinyl from adhering properly. Let the vinyl cure on the cup for 48-72 hours to make sure it sticks well.

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Can you put stickers on a Yeti water bottle?

Best water bottle to put stickers on:

Any stainless steel bottle will work. … The most popular stainless steel water bottles are: Yeti. Hydro Flask.

Do you need to seal permanent vinyl on tumblers?

I do not seal my vinyl on tumblers. Most vinyl manufacturers actually recommend that you don’t apply a sealer over the vinyl. The exception to this would be if you want to go through the process of sealing your tumbler with epoxy. This is usually done with glitter tumblers.

Will vinyl stick to a Yeti Cup?

Because the YETI Rambler’s brushed stainless steel is a bit of a low energy surface, we opted for medium tack TransferRITE 582U here, just as with the EnduraGLOSS. It’s unwise to use high tack tape to transfer a vinyl graphic to a low energy surface or to apply a vinyl with a low-tack removable adhesive.

Do yetis wear out?

Yeti Tumbler cups stop working when the vacuum seal is lost and air fills up the space between the inner and outer wall of the cup. This causes the cup to lose the majority of it’s insulating properties and unfortunately there is no way to fix this issue, the cup will need to be replaced.

Are yetis guaranteed for life?

Yeti does NOT offer lifetime warranties on any of their products. Their hard coolers, tumblers and water bottles come with a 5-year limited warranty while their soft coolers, bags and blankets come with a 3 year limited warranty.

What happens if you microwave a Yeti?

The short answer is no; microwaving a Yeti is not safe. Yeti drinkware, including mugs, tumblers, jugs, and bottles, is made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel. Steel, like aluminum or any other conductive metal, does not mix well with radiation emitted by microwaves.

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