How do I change a discount price on Shopee?

Click on My Shop in your Shopee Profile Page. 2. Click on Marketing Centre. Click here to view, edit or create your Discount Promotions.

How do I delete a discount on Shopee?

Yes, you can stop a Discount Promotion only if it is ongoing or upcoming.

  1. Ongoing Status: Click “End Now” to stop the promotion.
  2. Upcoming Status: Click “Delete” to remove the promotion.

How do I change my price on Shopee?

Step 1: Go to “My Shop ” under Me tab, then tap “Add New Product or Edit an existing product”. Step 2: Tap “Set Variations”. Step 3: Add or Edit variations, then tap “Next Set Stock and Price”.

How do I unclaim a voucher on Shopee?

Deleting/ending vouchers

If you want to make more changes to an Upcoming voucher, you can Delete it and create a new voucher, or edit from a duplicated one. If you want to end an Ongoing voucher, you can select End on Seller Centre, or End Now on Shopee App.

How do you get preferred on Shopee?

How do I qualify for the Preferred Seller programme?

  1. Build up a strong sales record.
  2. Offer excellent customer service and reply to chats promptly.
  3. Fulfil all orders quickly and reliably.
  4. Comply with Shopee’s seller policies and maintain a clean penalty record.
  5. Achieve high shop and product ratings.
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How do I add quantity to my Shopee?

When clicking on ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’, you may notice a list of variants pop-up (selected items), in which you will be able to select the variant and quantity of items you wish to purchase. icon on the top-right hand corner of your screen. From here, you may select the items you wish to Checkout with.

What is SKU in Shopee?

The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) refers to the smallest unit of merchandise that can be sold on Shopee. Short for stock keeping unit, SKU (pronounced “skew”) is a term used by merchants to identify and track their inventory, also known as stock.

What is delist in Shopee?

The delist function changes your listing status from Live to Unlisted, allowing you to hide a listing temporarily without losing its information and customer reviews.

How do I return my Shopee voucher?

Please email and let us know the restaurant voucher you had purchased, and the email you had used to purchase it. We will forward the voucher to you again.

What is capped in Shopee?

Buyers get a percentage off on any purchase above the Minimum Basket Price. It will also be capped at the Maximum Discount Price if you choose to set a limit. … Spend of RM50″; limited to a maximum discount amount of RM100, with RM1000 or more spent.

What does preferred mean in Shopee?

Introduction to Shopee’s Preferred Seller Programme

Preferred Sellers are exclusively selected by Shopee in recognition of their excellent sales and customer service. As a Preferred Seller, you will be identified by the “Preferred” tag shown on your shop and listings.

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What is the difference between Shopee mall and Shopee preferred?

The sellers belong to an exclusive marketplace called the Shopee Mall. It is where the branded sellers and the official distributors sell their licensed products. 2. Preferred Sellers are types of sellers with the “Preferred” label in which you can only be a part of through an invitation one qualified.

How do I increase my response rate on Shopee?

You can improve your Chat Response Rate (CRR) by making sure that you reply to chat messages within 12 hours. Responses after 12 hours of the last message will start a new chat thread. A chat thread is a string of conversational messages.