How do I get a Barnes and Noble Educator Discount?

To add your Educator discount number online, sign in to your account. In My Account, navigate to Settings, and click Manage Memberships and Discounts. Under Add a Membership, navigate to Program Type and click the arrow to open the drop down menu for Select Program Type. Locate and select Educator Discount.

Does Barnes and Nobles have a teacher discount?

Barnes & Noble supports teachers all year through the Barnes & Noble Educator Discount Card Program, which offers pre-K through grade 12 educators 20% off the list price on most in-store and online purchases for classroom use throughout the year, and 25% off during special appreciation events.

How do I find my educator number for Barnes and Noble?

Sign in to your account, if needed. 2. Scroll down to the Memberships section. Your Membership Number and Kids’ Club number (if one is associated to your account) will be displayed in this box.

How much is the Barnes and Noble discount?

Designed for Barnes & Noble’s most loyal customers, the Barnes & Noble Membership program gives Members 40% off hardcover bestsellers and 10% off virtually everything else in Barnes & Noble stores throughout the year.

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Does Barnes and Noble offer nurse discounts?

Educator Discount Program, Nurse & Patient, Nursing, $10 – $25 | Barnes & Noble®

Is there a teacher discount at Staples?

At Staples stores across the country, teachers and school administrators can get 20% off select purchases now through Sept. To start getting discounts, parents, teachers and school administrators must download the Staples Connect app and enroll in Classroom Rewards. …

Is Barnes and Noble worth it?

A voracious reader that can’t resist a brand new book will find plenty of ways to save money with their Barnes And Noble membership. If you love all kinds of fiction and non-fiction, manga, comics, magazines, and sipping lattes surrounded by stories, then this membership is clearly worth having.

What is the Barnes and Noble Membership birthday offer?

In Store Only – 20% off your first purchase when you join the Barnes and Noble Membership in store. A special birthday offer delivered during your Birthday month. … However, your local Barnes & Noble store representative will work with you to determine the best available discount for your purchase.

Why is my Barnes and Noble Membership not working?

Your Member number may not have been entered accurately. Check the number and re-enter it. Note: your phone number cannot be used in place of your Member number online. If your Member number is already stored in your account, you do not need enter it again at checkout.

How do I use my Barnes and Noble employee discount online?

Locate the Memberships, Gift Cards, and Coupons section at the bottom of the Order Summary page. Click the Add/Edit button next to Apply B&N Membership & Educator Discount.

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Do Barnes and Noble members get discounts online?

Enjoy 10% off the regular price of all NOOK devices and accessories online and in stores.

Is a Barnes and Noble membership worth it 2021?

Although becoming a Barnes & Noble member isn’t free, it can be well worth the $25 yearly fee if you’re a regular B&N shopper. In addition to receiving free express shipping on all orders, members receive special savings via email throughout the year. If you’re wondering if membership gets you any discounts, it does!

Why is Barnes and Noble expensive?

Barnes and Noble adopted a strategy (also adopted by Borders) of opening ever larger bookstores with enormous inventories. Some of these stores were in very expensive retail areas. Large inventory means having to go into debt, and so you end up with expenses servicing the debt. Retail stores also require more staff.