How do I get AAA discount with Hertz?

What is the AAA Hertz code?

Promotion Code 210598 and 0 CDP# must be provided at time of reservation for full-offer discounts. This offer is available at participating Hertz locations in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Age, driver, credit and qualifying rate restrictions for the renting location apply. Advance reservation required.

What is the CDP number for Hertz?

Use CDP# 1742729 for all reservations for added discounts. You will find the CDP# prompt on the Hertz Home Page.

Does Hertz honor AARP discount?

AARP doesn’t have a specific discount at Hertz, but members can save on car rentals from Hertz through the AARP Travel Center Powered by Expedia.

Is Hertz owned by AAA?

Fifteen years later, Hertz became AAA’s exclusive rental car partner, and in 1998, the program expanded to include off-airport rental locations. Since then, the partnership has grown to extend across multiple AAA products and service areas.

Is Hertz still waiving fee under 25?

Under 25 fees are waived for members between the ages of 18 and 24 for Hertz and between 21 and 24 for Avis, Budget and Enterprise. Active, retired and honorably separated officers and enlisted personnel of the U.S. military are eligible for USAA membership. You have to be a member to benefit from the waiver.

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How do I get my fee under 25 waived?

For most people, joining AAA is the best way to get that under 25 car rental fee waived. Though, depending on your affiliation with employers, the military or a university, you may be eligible to avoid the young driver surcharge in other ways.

What is the best CDP code for Hertz?

What is the best Hertz CDP code? Overall, the tried and true best CDP code is 1859849 when doing price comparison within Hertz.

What is a Hertz voucher?

Hertz’ e-Mail Vouchers provide convenience to both, travel agents and customers*: • You just simply create, issue and print the e-Mail Voucher in your office. If you prefer, you can also send it to your customers via e-mail, so that they can print it wherever they are.

Where do I enter a promo code on Hertz?

Please visit and add CDP# under the “Enter a Discount or Promo Code” section, call the dedicated Business Rewards reservations number at 1-888-777-3807, or contact your travel agent.

Does Alamo offer AAA discount?

Enterprise AAA discounts and Alamo AAA discounts are no longer offered – search to compare Enterprise rates with AAA car rental discounts.

Does AAA insurance cover rental cars?

With AAA auto insurance, you are typically covered for rental cars up to your same coverage limits in the United States. If you drive an old beater at home but rent a brand, new luxury car, you may not have sufficient coverage.

What is the manager’s special at Hertz?

Manager’s Special. With the Manager’s Special, you’ll get an Economy or larger vehicle at a rate that is equal to an Economy car. When you arrive to pick up your car, the location will pick the vehicle for you: you might get an Economy car, a Mid-size car, a Minivan, or an SUV… it’s a special deal!

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Will Hertz pick you up?

If you are renting a vehicle at a Hertz neighborhood car rental location, Hertz can pick you up and drive you! No hassle, no car exchange, just pick up and return – free and easy. … Pick Up and Return Service is available for Hertz car rental pick up destinations within a 15-minute drive.

Can I cancel Hertz reservation?

Changes to a reservation must be done at using the “Modify/Cancel” option. Any changes to the reservation may impact the rental charges. If a prepaid reservation is cancelled more than 24 hours before the pickup time, a $100 cancellation fee will be assessed.

Does Hertz Gold Plus cost money?

No. There is no fee for a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® membership. How do I redeem my points for a free rental day? To redeem points and reserve a car online, log in to and make a reservation.