How do I get prime discount at Whole Foods?

To get the discounts, Prime members must download the Whole Foods app and present a barcode at checkout, or provide their phone number. The discounts are now available at Whole Foods stores in 23 states, and will soon roll out to stores nationwide.

How do I use Amazon Prime at Whole Foods?

To get started, download the Whole Foods Market app and scan your Prime Code at checkout. Learn more at You can also scan the Prime Code in your Amazon shopping app, which you can find by searching “Whole Foods QR.” Andy Beatman is a senior editor at Amazon.

How do I prove I am an Amazon Prime member at Whole Foods?

I’m a Prime member. How do I make sure I get my exclusive savings at Whole Foods Market?

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Whole Foods Market app, sign in with your Amazon account, then scan the In-Store Code in the app at the register.
  2. You can also access your In-Store Code in the Amazon shopping app.
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How do I get Amazon Prime discount on Whole Foods without app?

With the phone number added to your Amazon Prime account, you can enter your number while checking out at Whole Foods. This will apply your Amazon Prime discounts. But, without the app, you may not know what items are on sale before you go shopping.

How do I get an Amazon Prime code?

Open the Prime Video app on you device > Click “Register on the Prime website” > Your code appears on the left of the device screen. Go to your computer > > “Register your compatible TV or device” > type your registration code in the box as indicated.

Why are Whole Foods prices so high?

Whole Foods costs between 10% to 20% more than typical grocery stores. That increase is due to higher quality ingredients in the products, but you also are paying for beautiful decor, improved customer service, and better product knowledge.

How can I get a cheap Amazon Prime membership?

9 ways to score Amazon Prime at a discount

  1. Get the free trial. …
  2. Go monthly. …
  3. Get six months free. …
  4. Discount for people on government assistance. …
  5. Talk to customer service about late shipments. …
  6. Wait for a sale. …
  7. Set up Amazon Household. …
  8. Use Subscribe & Save.

Is Whole Foods delivery free for Prime members?

Amazon’s Whole Foods Market ends free deliveries for Amazon Prime members, as it will add a $9.95 service fee beginning in October. Amazon’s (AMZN) – Get, Inc. Report Whole Foods Market is ending free deliveries for Amazon Prime members, as it will add a service fee beginning in October.

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Do Whole Foods employees get Amazon discount?

Do Whole Foods employees get an Amazon discount? No, Whole Foods employees do not get a discount on purchases they make on And Amazon employees do not get a discount at Whole Foods stores.

Can I use my Whole Foods employee discount online?

Yes you can. You have to purchase through the store to receive it. In order to place an online order from home and receive your employee discount, you have to call customer service (aka helpdesk). They will create your personal account with your employee information that you can use in or to get your discount.

How do I get 10% off at Whole Foods?

Find yellow signs and get 10% off Whole Foods sale items for Prime members. You can find these yellow signs in-store or look for them in the Whole Foods app in the “Products” section. If you tap on the yellow “Sales” icon, you’ll see all of the items on sale and available for the extra 10% off for Prime members.

Is the Prime discount at Whole Foods worth it?

Some Whole Foods shoppers say Amazon’s Prime member discounts are worthless, with customers claiming to save close to nothing on hundreds of dollars of purchases. … The discounts consist of weekly rotating specials on a handful of products, as well as an extra 10% off sale items.

Why did I get a discount on Amazon?

In a new program, Amazon is lowering prices on items sold by its online marketplace merchants and funding the discount. … “When Amazon provides a discount, customers get the products they want at a price they’ll love, and small businesses receive increased sales at their listed asking price,” an Amazon spokeswoman says.

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How do I link my Amazon prime number to Whole Foods?

To link your account to a phone number, sign into your Amazon account and under “Your Account,” select the “Login & Security” tab, then select “Add Mobile Phone Number.” Shoppers who choose this route will be able to access Prime discounts by providing their phone number to the cashier.

Can I use Amazon Prime store card at Whole Foods?

Learn more about how to apply for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card. If you are approved, you can start using the card today for purchases. After you receive your card in the mail, you can use the card for Whole Foods Market purchases.

What is Prime code Amazon?

The In-Store Code is a QR code that can be used for payment or savings across Amazon Physical Stores and Whole Foods Market. … Using the In-Store Code will allow you to pay for your trip or claim your Prime member savings at participating locations for eligible Prime members.