How do I renew my go outdoors discount card?

Does go outdoors card auto renew?

When bought online, the card needs to be processed and will become fully active once your order has been dispatched. Your GO Outdoors Member’s Card will be valid for 1 Year from the date of purchase, and will need to be renewed for continuous use.

Can someone else use my Go Outdoors discount card?

Individuals residing in the same address can use the same Member’s Card with the card holders’ authorization. 2.7 A Member’s Card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase or time of its registration, whichever is sooner.

Can you shop at go outdoors without a discount card?

There is no need for the card unless you are buying instore and you can buy the card when/if you do shop instore and get the card prices immediately.

Do go outdoors allow dogs?

It’s what our customers expect from an Aladdin’s cave of outdoor gear and it’s part of what makes us special. From experienced mountaineers to dog walkers and their dogs, everybody’s welcome.

Is go outdoors in liquidation?

JD Sports, which owns Go Outdoors, has filed a notice of its intention to appoint administrators. This means the company has not officially entered administration. Go Outdoors, which sells camping equipment, bikes and clothes, was forced to close all its stores in March due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

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Are dogs allowed in go outdoors UK?

Ian Stenson‎GO Outdoors

Dont want to make the trip with him to find out you dont allow dogs. … Sorry for the late response, as Debbie has mentioned, all our stores are indeed dog friendly.

What is go outdoors own brand?

Go Outdoors value range is best own-brand product | Analysis | Retail Week.

Who has taken over go outdoors?

JD Sports has bought back its Go Outdoors chain for £56.5m after putting it into administration. The move will “preserve as many jobs as possible”, JD Sports said, with a major restructuring plan aimed at retaining the “majority” of stores.