How do you get free ID on free fire?

How do I get my free fire ID?

Step 1: Open Free Fire and press on the profile banner. It is available in the top-left corner of the main menu. Step 2: Your profile will open, and you will be able to find the ID below the IGN. There are several uses of the user ID, including for redeeming codes on the Free Fire official redemption website.

What is my free fire ID password?

Visit the official website of Free Fire and enter the Email ID. After that, click on the Forgot Password option. Select any way to reset the password. Change the password and login to your account.

What is FF ID in free fire?

Alpha FF’s Free Fire ID and stats

Alpha FF’s Free Fire ID is 480101976.

What is the ID of Tiger Shroff in Free Fire?

Bollywood Star Tiger Shroff has no official Free Fire ID.

Who is the king of Free Fire?

As I said earlier, the King of Free Fire is GT King and his real name is Ravichandra Vigneshwer. Furthermore, he is from Tamilnadu state of India which is part of South India. In August 2020 he started his YouTube Channel and uploaded Free Fire gaming videos.

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How do you get the V badge in free fire?

Eligibility for V Badge in Free Fire

  1. YouTube channel with 100k subscribers and more with 80% of the content around Free Fire in the last 30 days.
  2. The content should be clean and non-controversial and should be in line with Garena’s content policy.
  3. Minimum 300k channel views in the previous 30 days.

How do you get free diamonds in FF?

3 ways to get free diamonds in Garena Free Fire

  1. Google Opinion Rewards has over 50 million downloads on Google Play Store.
  2. Swagbucks requires players to perform certain tasks in exchange for their currency – SB.
  3. The only cashout method available in Poll Pay is PayPal Giftcard.

Who is real AJJU Bhai?

Total Gaming is an Indian YouTube channel whose owner is Ajay (people know him as Ajjubhai).

Total Gaming Wiki/Bio (Ajju Bhai)

Real Name Ajay
Hometown Gujrat
Education Diploma Dropout
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu

What is ID of AJJU Bhai?

His Free Fire ID number is 451012596, and his IGN is ajjubhai94.

Who is Alpha FF?

Alpha FF (Alpha FREEFIRE) is a popular content creator who makes Free Fire videos. He frequently posts gameplay clips and highlights on his YouTube channel. The Indian player currently has 5.13 million subscribers on the channel, with around 627 million views combined.

What is the ID of DJ Alok in free fire?

DJ Alok’s Free Fire ID is 1314859236, and his in-game name is ‘Alok.

What is Hrithik Roshan ID in free fire?

Hrithik Roshan Free Fire ID: The actor has no confirmed account in the game. After the appearances of Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff in a trailer of the Free Fire India Today League Finals, a lot of speculation about the former’s in-game account have arisen.

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Who is the girlfriend of Tiger?

Jackie Shroff recently opened up about Tiger Shroff’s rumoured relationship with Disha Patani. The actor said that Tiger has been dating since the age of 25.