How much is a party city employee discount?

Can I use my Party City employee discount online?

Parties aren’t limited to the home. That’s why we are pleased to offer discounts to all schools and non-profit organizations at our store locations. Organizational Discounts cannot be applied to online purchases at this time.

Does Party City offer benefits to employees?

At Party City we offer comprehensive medical, dental and vision benefits as well as a host of other personal plans. We have one of the most competitive benefit packages in the industry, and we are proud of that!

Does Party City give teacher discount?

If you’re looking for classroom decorations, school dance supplies, theater class costumes, items for a graduation party, or any other school-related purchase, Party City provides an in-store organization discount for teachers, faculty, administrators and support staff. … Non-profit organizations also qualify.

Can you wear nails at Party City?

No. Party city does not do nails. … i had my nails done must of the time working there.

Does Party City have student discount?

At this time, there is no Party City student discount. But shoppers can find big discounts on back-to-school items, send-off themed merchandise, and graduation decor. And with Party City discount codes, customers can save up to 40% off select items. Look for deals on invitations, party favors, candy, and more.

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Does Party City have a 401k?

Party City Corporation 401(k) Plan at Party City Corporation in the Retail Trade industry has 5 investment options, and a total of $56,043,994.00 in assets. With 6,264 participants, the Party City Corporation 401(k) Plan has an average balance per participant of $8,947.00.

Does Party City have a dress code?

Whats the uniform? Yes , khaki pants and a black shirt.

How many employees does Party City have?

Party City

A Party City store in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. This location closed in 2020.
Number of employees 10,000+
Divisions Retail Consumer Products Group
Subsidiaries Amscan

Does Party City have military discount?

Yes! Party City offers a 15% military discount for in-store purchases and tiered in-store discounts for schools and non-profit organizations.

Does Party City donate to nonprofits?

We party with a purpose.

It’s why we partner with various organizations striving to make a difference in the lives of the communities they serve. Since 2011, our efforts have benefited many deserving organizations, raising over $21 million in donations and fundraising.

Can you have dyed hair at Party City?

All hair colors are approved. Yes, Party City allows employees to have unnatural hair colors.

Is it easy getting hired at Party City?

They’re very organized and easy to apply to and interview with. Got hired on the spot. Applied online, 3 days later got called in for an interview, less than 30 minutes was hired and already had a nametag. There are really no steps.

What colors do Party City employees wear?

Black shirt/Polo, Tan Khakis, and slip resistant Shoes.

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