How much is the Sitka pro discount?

How do I get 40% off Sitka?

SITKA. LeoAdventures is the perfect way for Law Enforcement, Military, and other qualifying individuals to save up to 40%! You’ll need a membership to in order to take advantage of this opportunity. You will not find a better discount than this on Sitka Gear.

Does Sitka offer a discount?

bigjoe said: Kuiu and Sitka also offer discounts for Vets, military and first responders. Sitka requires the Leoadventures verification for the 40% discount.

Is Sitka no longer with Leo adventures?

Registered. Yup, they left Leo, but you can re-apply directly through Sitka to receive the same program.

Is Sitka gear worth the money?

Definitely worth every penny IME, especially if your a tree stand whitetail hunter in the colder climates. If used correctly and layered properly, it is truly a game changer. Last season while hunting in Kansas Sitka allowed me to have all day sits while enduring temps in the 20’s with strong winds 20-30mph.

Does ATN offer military discount?

Yes sir upon verification we do offer a millitary discount.

Does First Lite have veteran discount?

Q: Do you offer a law enforcement or military discount? First Lite values the service of our law enforcement officers and servicemen and women. You can access our professional discount application here.

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Does Leupold have a military discount?

Leupold has a special discount program made for military members. … It provides a significant discount on purchases made by eligible military members.

Where is Sitka gear based?

SITKA, based in Bozeman, Montana, created and leads the technical hunting apparel category.

Do teachers get Sitka discounts?

Sitka 40% off for teachers, leo,ems, millitary.

What is LeoAdventures? is a public service appreciation program to honor and acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices made by U.S Public Service Employees (“PSE”) whose employment is from a federal, state or local government agency/entity. Qualified members receive courtesy pricing on premium products.

Why does Sitka cost so much?

The truth is; the materials Sitka gear is made of is used, with equal performance, by many other manufacturers. Sitka is no better than gear that can be had for half the price.

What hunting clothes are warmest?

Over the years, Merino Wool has proven itself to be one of the most effective materials for keeping you warm and dry. Merino wool naturally wicks moisture away from your body, which makes it the perfect base layer for late season hunts where you may get sweaty on your walk to the stand.

Who owns Sitka clothing?

Founded in 2005, Sitka Gear founder Jonathan Hart explained why he started his business. “It had two elements,” he said. “Hunting and the gear.” A self-described outdoor fanatic, Hart said he likes to buy the best and highest quality sports equipment.