Is it hard to get a job at Discount Tire?

What is the interview process like at Discount Tire? … No, it is not difficult to get hired at Discount Tire Corporate. A variety of positions are always opening.

Is it hard to work at Discount Tire?

Work and life balance is tough, as you’re really tired after your shifts. Benefits are great for full-timers and okay for part-timers. Pay is good, and the opportunity for advancement really depends from store to store, but in general, as long as you work hard you’ll get some pay raises here and there.

What should I wear to a Discount Tire interview?

Upon entering the Discount Tire interview, a candidate needs to make a good first impression. Applicants should wear business casual attire. Additionally, job hopefuls want to cover tattoos and remove any piercings. When starting off the interview, applicants should greet interviewers with firm handshakes.

Do you have to shave to work at Discount Tire?

No, Discount Tire requires you to be clean shaven.

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Is it hard to be a tire technician?

Being a tire technician involves a lot of standing, crouching, and heavy lifting, which makes it quite a demanding profession physically. Attention to detail will take you a long way, and the more experience you gain, the easier you will find it to get hired.

Does Discount Tire pay well?

The city that stands out for having the highest pay is Lakewood, CA, where Discount Tire pays its workers an average salary of $40,520.

Average Discount Tire Salaries By Locations.

Rank 1
Location Lakewood, CA
Average Salary $40,520
Hourly Rate $19.48

How long is Discount Tire training?

Training is around a week and you get paid $10.00 an hour and are allowed 3 hours a day for training. Own in house training which is nice fast paced so training doesn’t get done all the time. You will always learn new things.

How much do Discount Tire employees get paid?

Discount Tire Co., Inc. Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Retail Store Assistant Manager Range:$12 – $22 Average:$16
Assistant Manager Range:$12 – $22 Average:$15
Service Coordinator Range:$11 – $17 Average:$14
Sales Associate Range:$11 – $19 Average:$14

Does Discount Tire allow ear piercings?

No piercings or exposed tattoos. Must be clean shaven and hair cut at all times.

Can you have tattoos at Discount Tire?

Yes, you must wear a sleeve to cover it.

Does Discount Tire allow long hair?

Clean shave, no damage on uniform(no holes on pants), hair length must be short.

Does Discount Tire offer free alignment?

Value for the life of your tires. Tire Discounters offers deeply discounted tires AND a free alignment (over $100 value) when you purchase a set of 4-tires with TD Standard installation. Savings shouldn’t mean losing quality – check out all of our deals below!

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Is a tire technician a good career?

The good is the environment and the management

The hours are good and provide a lot of flexibility , especially if you are a college student or work 2 jobs . I would definitely recommend discount tire as a place to work .

How much does a tire tech make at Costco?

The typical Costco Wholesale Tire Technician salary is $17 per hour. Tire Technician salaries at Costco Wholesale can range from $13 – $28 per hour. This estimate is based upon 51 Costco Wholesale Tire Technician salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

What does a tire tech do?

Tire technicians repair and install tires on cars, trucks, and heavy vehicles. … The duties of a tire technician include installing, balancing, and repairing tires for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. They may also be required to perform roadside assistance.