Where can I use my Sainsbury’s colleague discount card?

That’s every time you spend with Sainsbury’s, Argos or Habitat, in store and online. And you can nominate a second user for your card, be that your mother, brother or significant other (as long as you live at the same address).

Can you use sainsburys discount card on petrol?

Does Sainsbury’s take fuel cards? Yes – you can use fuel cards at Sainsbury’s fuel stations as an alternative method of payment to debit/credit cards and cash.

What discount do sainsburys employees get?

After your 12 week probationary period you will receive a colleague discount card. This gets you a 10% discount at Argos and Sainsbury’s and 25% at Habitat. There are numerous events through the year where this discount rises for a period of time. 10% at Argos and sainsburys for employee and partner.

How do I use my colleague discount online?

You have to purchase through the store to receive it. In order to place an online order from home and receive your employee discount, you have to call customer service (aka helpdesk). They will create your personal account with your employee information that you can use in or to get your discount.

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Does Sainsburys discount work on alcohol?

Although it’s never been our trading policy to do this, we’ve introduced some new measures to ensure that we comply fully with the law. Spirits and liqueurs are no longer included in promotions and coupons in the same way that baby formula, fuel, stamps, tobacco and other excluded items* are not.

Can you use Sainsburys discount card online?

To use your card for Tu Clothing Online you must register your card by completing the Colleague Discount Registration form at help.sainsburys.co.uk/colleaguediscount. You will receive an email within 5 days confirming your discount card is now ready for use when you shop.

What do you get for 25 years service at Sainsbury’s?

If you have retired and left Sainsbury’s with at least 25 years continuous service you will be eligible for a host of benefits that include: Sainsbury’s Discount (10% only) Argos Discount (10%) – if you became a veteran from 1st December 2016. Habitat Discount (10%) – if you became a veteran from 1st December 2016.

How long do you have to work at Sainsburys to get discount?

One of the great things about working for us is that once you’ve worked with us for 12 weeks, you’ll be able to start saving on your shopping online and in-store at Sainsbury’s, Argos and Habitat. After your first 12 weeks, we’ll automatically send you a discount card which gives you 10% off your shopping.

How much discount do Argos employees get?

People report getting a 10% staff discount at Argos.

Can you use ASDA discount card online?

Yes, you can use your colleague discount on George.com.

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Can I use my ASDA discount card after leaving?

Colleagues who leave the company to retire, retain their Discount Card for 12 months after leaving. … Management Colleagues who were in the Asda Pension scheme and retired before 1st April 1994 retain their Discount Card for life. Colleagues who are made redundant retain their Discount Card for 12 months after leaving.

Can you use Morrisons NHS discount online?

To claim the NHS discount in-store at Morrisons, you must present a valid NHS ID badge when you reach the till. To make use of your discount online, you’ll have to join the NHS Club which will process the discount as part of the More Loyalty program. You can sign up for a Morrisons More card here.

Can you use Sainsbury’s gift card for cigarettes?

Sainsbury’s gift cards can be used to purchase most products in stores. As part of our terms and conditions, the following products and categories cannot be purchased with a Sainsbury’s gift card: Branded Gift Cards. … Tobacco and related products.

Can you use Sainsburys vouchers in Tu?

We’re sorry but you can’t use your Sainsbury’s gift card to pay online. The good news is that you can use them in our stores.

Can I use Nectar points in Sainsbury’s to buy alcohol?

Nectar points are not available on the following limited range of Sainsbury’s goods and services: savings stamps, car park tickets, vending machines, cash back, postage stamps, gift vouchers, baby milk products, lottery tickets, tobacco kiosk, proprietary medicine, spirits and liqueurs, mobile phone cards and mobile …

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