Can you get Currys staff discount online?

Can Currys staff give you discount?

What people are saying about staff discount at Currys PC World? 10% on all items, regular offers for more than 10%. 30% discount on price of phone contracts or 80% off on sim only plans from Carphone warehouse.

What is the staff discount at Currys PC World?

29 answers. The employee discount you work for curry’s is 10%.

Where do I put discount code on Currys website?

Once you reach the Order Summary screen during checkout, you will see a box labelled Enter an offer code. Paste the Currys promo code you copied into this box.

How do I use my Blue Light Card at Currys?

Although Currys does not accept Blue Light Cards at checkout, Blue Light Card members are able to get a discount. To get this discount, members will need to head to the Blue Light Card website or app. Once logged in, members will be able to find Currys under the voucher section.

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Do you pay for Currys perks?

Currys Perks is a free loyalty scheme that gives its members a swathe of money-saving benefits.

Is Currys a good company to work for?

Amazing company to work for. Great benefits including commission and a lovely staff to work with.

Do Argos employees get discount?

10% with argos and sainsburys.

How much discount do you get if you work at Apple?

Employer Summary

Each year, employees can get a 25% discount on an iPod, iPad, or computer. Most Apple software can be purchased at a 50% discount, and AppleCare comes with a 25% discount.

How much discount do John Lewis partners get?

Once you’ve been with us for three months, you’ll get Partnership discount in store and online. That’s 25% off in John Lewis & Partners (12% off electrical products) and 20% in Waitrose & Partners. You’ll also be able to nominate someone you live with to share your discount.

Are Currys giving NHS discount?

Does Currys give discount to NHS staff? Currently, Currys doesn’t offer a specific NHS discount, however NHS staff can still save money using the wide range of discount codes for Currys.

Does Currys do student discount?

Currys doesn’t have a student discount. However, at certain times of the year, there is a special student page that has an exclusive up to 20% discount deals on selected items.

Does NHS staff get discount at Argos?

Does Argos do NHS discount? Argos does not currently offer NHS discount at this moment. However, they do provide a number of special offers in their clearance and sale ranges. They also frequently supply voucher codes for electricals and large appliances with up to 20% off.

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How do I use my blue light card online?

How do I use my Blue Light & Defence Services Discount?

  1. Log into your Blue Light account or Defence Services account and head to the New Look discount section to find the current promo code. …
  2. Enter the promotional code shown into the box marked ‘Enter a Promo Code’ and click ‘Apply code’ (see below).

Can I use blue light card at Argos?

Although Argos does not directly accept Blue Light Cards, members can still get a 4% discount by purchasing Argos vouchers. Simply head to the Blue Light Card website or app to find Argos under the vouchers section. You will then be able to purchase vouchers to use for your next Argos shop.

Can family use my blue light card?

Can family members use my card? The Blue Light Card can only be used by the holder and cannot be loaned to others.