Do Comcast employees get discounts?

We offer all of our full-time employees in serviceable areas free digital TV and internet, as well as deeply discounted phone services and other features. Comcast employees can take advantage of exclusive discounts and special offers at our Universal Resorts, including theme park tickets and onsite hotel rooms.

How much of a discount do Comcast employees get?

Comcast employees in serviceable areas enjoy free XFINITY TV and Internet services, as well as deeply discounted Voice and Home options – an annual savings of about $3,000. Employees enjoy discounted tickets to the Universal Orlando and Hollywood theme parks, as well as 20% off Fandango gift cards.

Do Comcast employees get a discount on Xfinity Mobile?

Comcast employees receive courtesy services such as free digital TV and Internet service; deeply discounted phone service, mobile broadband and home security service; and home technology support. Comcast employees also have access to discounts at a variety of national retailers.

What discounts do employees get?

10 Companies With Huge Employee Discounts

  • Gap Inc. Discount Details: Athleta, Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic employees receive a whopping 50 percent off on all store items. …
  • Apple. …
  • Whole Foods Market. …
  • Best Buy. …
  • Zappos. …
  • Barnes & Noble. …
  • The Container Store. …
  • Men’s Wearhouse.
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Is Comcast a good company to work for?

94% of employees at Comcast NBCUniversal say it is a great place to work compared to 59% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. Management is honest and ethical in its business practices.

Do Xfinity workers get free WIFI?

We believe it is important for our employees to be familiar with and enjoy the same wonderful products and services as customers. We offer all of our full-time employees in serviceable areas free digital TV and internet, as well as deeply discounted phone services and other features.

How much PTO do you get at Comcast?

Comcast’s PTO and Vacation policy typically gives 20-30 days off a year. Paid Time Off is Comcast’s 2nd most important benefit besides Healthcare when ranked by employees, with 28% of employees saying it is the most important benefit.

How much commission do Comcast sales reps make?

9 answers. Paid training and a Sales rep was making $13/hr plus commissions, but commissions can be anywhere from $200 – $1300 bi weekly depending upon what you sell and how many. 18.86 per hour in training then it goes to 12.86 plus commission. Sales associates are paid a base plus commissions.

How much does Comcast match in 401k?

Comcast Corporation helps your retirement savings grow by matching your contributions. Comcast will match 100% of each dollar you contribute, on the first 4.5% of pay that you defer to your Plan up to annual IRS limits. Company match is capped at $10,000 for certain highly compensated employees.

Does Comcast provide equipment for employees?

7 answers. Yes equipment was provided.

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Do Amazon employees get a discount? Employee Discount

Employees receive an annual discount on products sold and shipped by

What is the best but employee discount?

The standard employee discount at Best Buy is Cost + 5%. … So if an item’s retail price is $50, and Best Buy paid $30 for it, as an employee you’d get it for only $31.50. It should also be noted that you won’t qualify for their employee discount until you’ve worked at Best Buy for at least 30 days.

How much is a employee discount at Walmart?

As a Walmart associate, you get a 10 percent discount on regularly priced general merchandise and fresh produce when you use your Walmart Associate Discount Card at any Walmart store in the United States.

Does Comcast negotiate salary?

Negotiate Salary

40% of men and 12% of women at Comcast said they negotiated their salaries. On average, Comcast employees earn $119,500. … Learn More about Salaries at Comcast.

Why is Comcast bad?

The 2016 Consumer Reports’ telecom service Ratings reported that Comcast was among the bottom dwellers in overall customer satisfaction. Frequent complaints about Comcast’s service include “stuffing” bills with unnecessary services, hidden service fees, outsized cancellation fees and improper credit checks.

Who owns most of Comcast?

Top 10 Owners of Comcast Corp

Stockholder Stake Shares owned
Massachusetts Financial Services … 2.45% 111,536,222
Wellington Management Co. LLP 2.18% 99,553,850
Dodge & Cox 1.84% 83,708,074
Geode Capital Management LLC 1.69% 76,964,610