Does Gullivers do NHS discount?

We have visited gullivers today and was so pleasantly surprised. So, first things first, it is not widely advertised but they do offer NHS/blue light card discount. To get this, when you purchase online there is a concession option which is £11.

Can you take your own food to Gulliver’s Valley?

Yes you can take your own food and return to your car when you need to . over a year ago. over a year ago.

What age is Gulliver’s Valley for?

Designed for children aged 2 – 13, Gulliver’s Valley Resort will be home to roaring dinosaurs, indoor attractions and exciting theme park rides. Enjoy a great selection of rides and attractions across multiple themed areas including Western World, Smugglers Wharf and the Lost World of the Living Dinosaurs.

Can dogs go to Gulliver’s Valley?

Sorry, no dogs allowed are on site other than registered assistance dogs.

Do you have to wear a mask at Gullivers?

Face coverings are mandatory when visiting our gift shops, winter-wonderland & elf workshop, unless you are exempt or aged under 11 years. Face coverings are optional when using our rides and attractions. … Face coverings provide some protection to others around you, including our team members.

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What age is Gulliver’s Kingdom for?

Attraction Information

For non-stop adventure, specifically aimed at children aged 2 to 13, visit Gulliver’s Kingdom in Derbyshire.

Who owns Gullivers Valley?

Gulliver’s Valley is a theme park and resort located in Rotherham, England. Construction began in 2018 at a planned cost of £37 million.

Gulliver’s Valley.

Operated by Gulliver’s Theme Parks
General manager Andy Flowers
Opened 11 July 2020
Operating season TBA

Which is the newest Gullivers world?

Gulliver’s Valley, South Yorkshire will be opening spring 2020 and will feature indoor attractions, outdoor rides, short break packages and exclusive experiences. Discover a number of themed areas across the theme park such as the Lost World of the Living Dinosaurs, Smugglers Wharf and Western World.

Which is the biggest Gulliver’s?

Gulliver’s World Theme Park Resort, Warrington.

The largest of the three Gulliver’s parks to date, spanning 80 acres (32 hectares). It is located midway between the cities of Manchester and Liverpool and also features a Splash Zone mini indoor waterpark, Blast Arena and the first Gulliver’s Hotel.

Can you smoke in Gullivers Land?

Smoking. 5.1 Smoking (including of e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited other than in the designated smoking areas within the Attractions.

Can adults go to Gullivers Kingdom?

Can adults visit the theme park without any children? Due to the family nature of Gulliver’s, groups of adults or single adults with no accompanying children will not be permitted onto the theme park.

Are dogs allowed at Gullivers Kingdom?

A maximum of two dogs per pet friendly accommodation unit is permitted and other pets may be permitted by prior arrangement. … Gulliver’s accepts no responsibility for the loss of or damage to your pet whilst on site.

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Do Gullivers world have lockers?

Lockers. Situated in the main square near the train station (additional cost).

Can you buy ponchos at Gullivers world?

over a year ago. Like any of these parks, it’s better when it’s not raining but you can buy the ponchos cheaply enough.

Do kids have to wear masks at Gullivers?

MK’s Gulliver’s Land theme park is ruling that children from the age of three must wear a face covering to be allowed on rides. … Gulliver’s say the tots do not have to wear conventional face masks, and suggest parents could use “neck gaiters, summer scarves or bandanas” as a substitute.