Does Polaris offer law enforcement discount?

Polaris Heroes Advantage makes America’s active military, veterans, first responders, and medical professionals instantly eligible for a 10% discount up to $1,000, as well as $100 off $500 of off-road accessories, parts, lubricant, & apparel on any off-road vehicle in our line-up.

Does Polaris give first responder discounts?

Polaris Heroes Advantage makes active military members, reservists, veterans, emergency first responders and medical professionals instantly eligible for a 10-percent discount (up to $1,000) on any MY21 Off-Road Vehicle in our lineup.

Does the military use Polaris?

With our full lineup of air-transportable, deployable, highly mobile off-road vehicles, Polaris is the trusted choice for U.S. and allied forces on bases and in ultra-light tactical missions around the world. We also offer hard working side-by-sides for on-base utility.

Why does the military use Polaris?

Designed and engineered in Minnesota, the MRZR moniker is probably familiar to fans of Polaris’ RZR off-road vehicle, but uses technology from across the company’s product line. It’s intended to speed up movement for special operations forces, letting them rapidly get to new locations.

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What ATV does the US military use?

Sportsman MV850 is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) developed by Polaris Government & Defence for military applications including patrol, security, reconnaissance and administrative purposes during training and forward operations.

What is Polaris AG advantage?

Agricultural. Advantage Program. Exclusively for farmers and ranchers. Polaris is committed to supporting the agriculture community through industry-leading vehicles, partnerships and programs for the community.

How much are Polaris side by sides?

Polaris ATV and UTV Pricing

Polaris ATV and UTV base prices range from about $2,299 to $26,599. That’s a wide range, and it make Polaris both more affordable and more expensive than most competitors. That’s due in part to the huge number of models in the lineup.

Can Civilians Buy Polaris MRZR?

Note: You must be a government or military purchasing agent or representative to purchase Polaris Government & Defense products.

What ATV does border patrol use?

Border Patrol’s fleet consists of Yamaha Raptors, Warriors, and Kodiak 450s. Some of the ATVs are even modified ones confiscated from captured drug runners, who also make use of the versatile ATVs to escape across the border a if they’re lucky! Border Patrol agents patrolling along the fenceline on Yamaha ATVs.

Who makes the military side-by-side?

Polaris Defense vehicles deliver a coveted combination of deployability, versatility and off-road mobility, forged from more than 60 years of off-road vehicle experience that is simply unmatched.

What does UTV stand for USMC?

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, Calif. — A new class has been added to the list of motor vehicle safety classes for the Marine Corps. The newest edition is the Utility Terrain Vehicle Course that teaches Marines capabilities and proper handling of off-highway vehicles.

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How much is a MRZR?

2013 Polaris MRZR – military model. It starts right up, has been serviced within the last year and has a newer battery. This UTV is in excellent condition with only 992 miles on it.

2013 Polaris MRZR – Military Issue
Auction Closed
Sold Amount: $38,050.00
Buyer’s Premium (12.50%): $4,756.25
Total Price: $42,806.25

What is Polaris government?

Polaris Government & Defense is a trusted partner of government organizations, the U.S. Military, and our allies around the world. We have a proven history of delivering the most complete, most capable, most versatile lineup of utility, transport, and tactical vehicles for use in government and defense applications.

Does the military use UTVS?

The military grade side-by-side ATVs are deployed by U.S. Special Operations Forces on quick response and low profile missions where heavier equipment would just get in the way. … These ultra-light tactical vehicles come in two-seat or four seat versions.

What does Polaris MRZR stand for?

(MRZR is not an acronym but simply a designator, said a Polaris spokeswoman.) The four-seat MRZRs were still a “pilot program” for the 82nd but were intended to give the paratroopers more mobility once they hit the ground. “It’s a little more robust” than commercial ATVs, Tuley said.

How much is a Polaris 850?

2022 Polaris Sportsman 850 • $9,999