Does Target discount damaged items?

The best way to negotiate for a discount at Target, Walmart, or other big box retailers is to look for damaged goods. … Show the damage to a manager and you’ll probably be offered a discount on the spot. According to one report on Consumerist, Target will offer up to a 13% discount on damaged products.

Does Target do damage discount?

On damaged items, you can get a 13% discount at Target. I checked into this, and it’s a standard figure that is often offered, especially if you received a damaged item from So, if you are okay with the amount of damage the item has, ask for the discount. They will often apply it right there.

How do you ask for discount on damaged goods?

Good to know: If you’re trying for a discount on a damaged item, stay positive: “I like this top, but it looks stretched out. I shop here all the time. Is it possible to get a discount?”

How much discount do you get for damaged furniture?

If the model has been discontinued or is damaged, then you start saying 20-30%. If the damage is significant, or the product is a return that has been used, then your start saying 40-50%. Beyond that, it’s often more cost effective for the product to be donated or field destroyed.

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Does Home Depot give discount on damaged items?

If the packaging of an item is damaged, ask for a discount, and the store will give you a small break of around 10%. … The Home Depot offers price protection within 30 days, which means if something you’ve already purchased goes on sale, you can bring your receipt back in, and the store will refund you the difference.

What does Target do with returned items?

Instead, they liquidate returned merchandise along with overstock in online liquidation auctions. You’ll find Target liquidation auctions ranging from a few pallets of goods up to a full truckload.

Does Target let you keep returns?

3. The standard return window is 90 days or 120 days with a Target RedCard. The general Target return policy gives you 90 days to return most items. But if you’re a Target RedCard holder, you get an extra 30 days to return most items.

How do you say price is negotiable?

How to respond to a customer’s price negotiation request

  1. Share the lowest terms you can offer and add variables. …
  2. Examine why they want to negotiate and actively listen. …
  3. Focus on the simplest issue first. …
  4. Trade discounts for concessions. …
  5. Convince them of the value of your product. …
  6. Negotiate as long as possible.

How do you politely ask for discounts?


  1. Just Ask! …
  2. Be Polite – Kill them with kindness! …
  3. Ask for a Manager – A normal salesperson or employee probably won’t be able to give you a discount. …
  4. Inquire About Future Sales – If they can’t give you a discount, ask them if they can tell you when any upcoming sales will be.
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Does WalMart sell damaged goods?

WalMart auctions off most or all of their returns and damaged items. …. By the truckload. Even if the item has not been opened and returned because the customer changed their mind. Home Depot does the same thing.

Will Lowes discount a damaged appliance?

Negotiate for a better price on damaged Lowe’s appliances for 30% off. If you’re walking by a display model that’s got a few scratches or dents, you’re looking at a big savings opportunity. Speak to a manager about buying the damaged floor model from Lowe’s and they’ll generally offer you around 10% to 30% off.

Do stores give discounts on floor models?

Floor models give you a great idea of how something works, but they can also provide a great discount for you if you’re shopping at the right time. … Many stores will just slap a big discount on the item and try to sell it.

Does Home Depot give AAA discount?

Conclusion. Home Depot does not offer a AAA discount at its stores, however, AAA members can still benefit from cheaper prices at Home Depot by using merchant gift cards received through their membership.

What is code orange in Home Depot?

Code Orange – Chemical spill.

Can you return a generator?

It says that gasoline powered machines can be returned within 14 days, but that is the only reference to generators. … When we looked at the Home Depot return policy, it actually reads, “Gasoline-powered equipment may be returned within 30 days of purchase with a valid sales receipt.