How can I get free Apple AirPods?

How do I get free 2021 AirPods?

In 2021, Apple gave college students a free set of AirPods for buying an eligible device. These popular earbuds normally cost $159, or $199 with a wireless charging case. Apple allows customers to upgrade from AirPods to AirPods Pro with a $90 upcharge as well.

Does Apple give away free AirPods?

Although Apple’s Back to School promotions have long offered a free pair of Beats headphones with the purchase of a new Mac or iPad, the company changed things up a bit last year by including AirPods in the offer for the first time. …

How long does Apple student discount last?

Bloomberg reported that the new MacBook Pro models could arrive “as soon as this summer” which officially starts on June 20. But even if they don’t arrive this month, Apple’s Back to School promotion runs until September 27, so you’ve got three months to see what happens.

Who is eligible for back to school Apple?

Those eligible for this promotion include teachers, staff, students and parents as follows (each a “Qualified Purchaser”): Kindergartens, Primary schools, Secondary schools – Any employee of a public or private kindergarten, Primary or Secondary school is eligible.

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How does Apple know if you are a student?

Originally Answered: Does Apple actually check if you are a student when buying a product from the Apple Education Store? It will check based on your email’s domain. Any registered . edu will automatically will have students’ discount applied.

How can I get a free iPad?

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  1. Find out if your school gives students free iPads.
  2. If you’re a veteran, ask your VA health care team.
  3. Look for sign-up deals with mobile phone providers that offer free iPads.
  4. Trade in other Apple products for Apple store credit.
  5. Ask for an iPad for your birthday or holiday.
  6. Buy a very cheap iPad.

Is 256GB a lot?

The reality is that 256GB of internal storage is probably going to be plenty enough for most people who don’t already have (or anticipate having) a ton of locally stored photos, video, video games, or music that can’t either be easily offloaded into the cloud, or to a backup drive.

How do I get free AirPods on my iPad?

If you’ve been eyeballing a shiny new MacBook for the year, we have great news: Apple has launched its annual back-to-school offer, which includes free Apple AirPods when you buy an eligible Mac or iPad with education pricing. Get expert shopping advice delivered to your phone.

Do iPads come with AirPods?

Apple’s offer is great for the new schoolyear

Students can get free AirPods with the purchase of select Mac and iPad products come direct from Apple. … All of these Mac and iPad products qualify for the free AirPods: Macbook Air starting at $899. Macbook Pro starting at $1,199.

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How do I get free AirPods on my Macbook?

For back-to-school season, Apple’s education promo is once again tacking some of the most sought-after headphones on the market onto your purchase: Students and teachers who buy select MacBook Pro or Air, iPad, iMac, or Mac Mini devices will get a free pair of AirPods.