How do I enter a promo code on honey?

After you click h, scroll to the bottom of the Honey window and click the Add Code button. Enter the coupon code, the description of the code, and click Submit. There’s no limit to how many coupon codes you can add to a site. The more codes you add, the more you can help fellow Honey members save.

Is Honey safe for promo codes?

It’s safe to use, and it’s also free. Honey does collect your data as you’re browsing online stores, but only so it can properly alert you to coupons and deals depending on which webpage you’re currently browsing. Honey says they never sell your personal information.

How do coupons work on Honey?

Honey works by looking at the items in your cart on most popular shopping websites and then searching for relevant coupon codes. If it finds any working codes, it enters them automatically, and you end up saving money without the hard work of searching for and entering them manually.

Is Honey worth using?

Overall Rating. If you shop online frequently and want an easy way to save some money without having to hunt for coupon codes yourself, you should try Honey out. It’s completely free to use and even if it saves you a few bucks here and there, it’s still worth it.

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Does Honey steal your credit card information?

What Honey does is much more limited. We never collect other sites’ passwords, phone numbers, or your credit card info. We need permission when you’re on a whitelisted site so we can insert coupon codes.

Is Honey app a virus?

Honey extension is a scam. It collect your shopping data. In summary, Honey collects your device ID and IP address, your browser type, your operating system, how you engage with websites, and URLs.

Does Amazon support honey?

Amazon | Honey. Amazon prices? Honey is a free browser extension that looks for better prices on Amazon by comparing sellers for you. It’s also your price tracking and price history tool all-in-one.

Is honey free to join?

The Honey app is a free browser extension that takes the work out of finding coupon codes. Once you download the extension to your computer, Honey’s smart shopping assistant will find the best coupon codes for the retailer you’re shopping with and automatically apply the discount on your behalf.

Can you delete your honey account?

1) Visit your Account Settings page and click the Delete account link at the bottom of the page. 2) Enter in the unique code shown below to confirm your account deletion. After you click Delete Forever, your account is completely removed from our system.

Does Honey slow down your computer?

In short, the study revealed that Honey and Grammarly are extremely slow as far as the browsing performance is concerned. The power consumption is usually increased when you have so many extensions installed in your system.

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