How do I get my free Google Nest Mini?

To claim your free Google Nest Mini, simply head to the Spotify website and link your Google account with your Spotify account.

How do I claim my free Google Nest Mini on Spotify?

All you need to do is go to the Spotify Premium page to pick one of the packages. If you already have Premium, click the link on the Spotify Premium page which reads ‘Get your Google Nest Mini’ and you’ll be registered for one.

Is Google really giving away free Nest Mini?

Google is giving away its Nest Mini smart speaker — if you’re a subscriber to Google’s premium entertainment services. The company is running a promotion that applies active paid subscribers of YouTube Premium , YouTube Music Premium, or Google Play Music as of May 19.

Is the free Google Nest legit Spotify?

Update: Unfortunately, Spotify has confirmed that its free Google Nest Mini offer for Spotify Premium subsribers has already sold-out. … Google has teamed-up with the streaming service to offer users a Nest Mini smart speaker to anyone with a paid monthly subscription to Spotify.

Why is Spotify giving away Nest Mini?

It was available for both new and existing customers, however, Spotify have said that there was limited eligibility for those with Premium Family, Duo and Student. The offer was pulled due to high demand with many customers saying it was already too late to nab one by the time they had heard about the deal.

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Why did Google discontinue Nest Mini?

Google is asking users to migrate over to YouTube Music. … Giving those loyal Google Play Music subscribers and easy migration to YouTube Music and a free Nest Mini may help minimize churn.

Why is Google giving away Google home minis?

Although it’s impossible to know whether the impetus behind the giveaway was Google was looking to shift a load of unsold stock or a blatant stunt to get more Nest Minis in our homes (or a combination of the two), the stunt is an interesting illustration of our conflicting attitudes towards smart speakers.

Can you give me Google home for free?

You Can Get a Free Google Home Mini—Whether You Signed Up Last Year or Just Now. We’re bringing back our Google Home Mini offer—and making it available to even more users.

Where is my Google Nest Mini Spotify?

Using the Google Nest Mini with your Spotify account is simple. Use the Google Home App to access your account and then click Add. Select Music and Audio. From there, you can choose Spotify and link the account by logging in with your Spotify credentials.