How do I use my Tesco colleague discount online?

You can use it online, in store or over the phone. In store or over the phone, let us know that you’ve got a colleague discount voucher code before we start your order. If you want to buy online, just choose your deal as normal and then enter the code at the checkout, on the page where you enter your payment details.

How does Tesco colleague discount work?

You’ll get your Colleague Clubcard giving you 15% off after every pay day for a four-day period and 10% the rest of the month on most Tesco purchases. … You’ll get your Colleague Clubcard giving you 15% off after every pay day for a four-day period and 10% the rest of the month on most Tesco purchases.

Can Tesco colleagues get Clubcard Plus?

If you’re a Tesco colleague, you already get a discount, but I know a number of colleagues who are interested to know if it works alongside Clubcard Plus. I have been made aware that the Colleague Clubcard discount and Clubcard Plus can be used together as the benefits are cumulative.

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Does Tesco colleague discount include alcohol?

Please see below the alcohol lines excluded from all normal Tesco Colleague Discount, across every region of the UK, including Scotland. This is to meet Minimum Unit Pricing requirements for the UK. … These exclusions to colleague discount have been applicable since Friday 11 January 2019.

How do I order a Tesco colleague Clubcard?

For Colleague Clubcards, please contact the contact centre on 0800 085 3575. For Tesco Bank Credit Card, please call 0845 300 4278, choose option 1.

Can I use my Tesco discount card online?

Vouchers can be used once at their face value, in-store, on Tesco fuel, online at or for selected Tesco Bank products only.

How do I add my Tesco colleague Clubcard online?

Here’s how it’s done

  1. Already registered for online shopping with Sign in and skip to step 3. …
  2. Complete the registration page. Remember to fill in all the areas marked with a red asterisk.
  3. Then, fill out the registration page for My Clubcard Account. …
  4. You’re now registered with My Clubcard Account.

Why do I not get Tesco coupons?

There are three reasons you may not have received vouchers: We may not have your correct address details. You can change your address by logging into your Clubcard Account online or using the app. You need to collect at least 150 points in order to get vouchers.

How does the Tesco Clubcard Plus work?

With Clubcard Plus, you can get additional benefits from across the Tesco Group for only £7.99 every month. You get 10% off 2 big shops in-store every month and 10% off selected Tesco brands every time you shop in-store. … You can also apply for a Clubcard Plus Credit Card from Tesco Bank.

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What is colleague Clubcard Plus?

Clubcard Plus will give you up to for Great benefits for 7.99 a month. It will give you 10% off two “big shops in-store” with some exclusions and limits applied to this. It will also give you 10% off selected Tesco brands in store including F&F, Fred and Flo, Tesco Pet, Fox and Ivy, Go Cook and Carousel.

Does Tesco discount work on petrol?

Yes, all Esso branded service stations that have a Tesco Express shop attached now accept Clubcard vouchers towards payment for fuel or shop purchases. Both paper vouchers and digital vouchers on the Tesco Clubcard app are accepted.

What is Tesco Clubcard number?

You can see the last 4 digits of all the Clubcards listed on your account by visiting ‘Clubcards on account’ in My Account. All of these cards will still earn Clubcard points. You can check whether the physical card you have is listed here.

Do you get colleague discount on alcohol?

As a colleague member you’d normally receive 10% discount on all products in store, including alcohol and 20% on own-brand products for the Friday and Saturday following payday, with a small number of exceptions*.

How do I order a new Tesco Clubcard?

Here’s what to do

  1. Sign in below to let us know why you need a replacement card. ( there’s no need to enter the 4 digits from your card)
  2. Follow the instructions.
  3. Get your new card and key fob within 10 days.
  4. Any points and vouchers you’ve already collected will be transferred to your new card.
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Can someone else use Tesco Clubcard?

Can I use my friends’ or family members’ vouchers to spend with Clubcard Reward Partners? Sorry, but to help protect Clubcard holders against fraud, you can only use vouchers that were sent to your registered account address. That’s the address you used when you signed up.

How long do you have to work at Tesco to get discount?

No one.” Tesco workers are entitled to the Colleague Clubcard, which offers staff 10 per cent off after six months of service “as our way of thanking and rewarding colleagues”.