How do you do buy two get one free on Etsy?

Can you do Bogo on Etsy?

Re: BOGO Sale

There is no real way to do bogo on specific items, because as soon as you put conditions on a sale it automatically includes all items in your shop. The way with a sale is to do a buy 2, get 25% off, which only works if everything in your shop is approximately the same price.

Can you have multiple sales on Etsy?

Re: Multiple sales only counted as one.

Etsy has never considered multiple units as seperate sales. If a Buyer purchases 15 different items at one time, it will show in your shop as +15 sales, but it will show in your stats as one sale. If someone buys 15 of the same item, it will show as one sale in your shop.

How do I buy more than one item on Etsy?

Etsy does not allow customers to buy the same item more than once. The ‘add to cart’ button is deactivated and un-clickable. This is not a good thing for repeat customer sales, or for sellers that purchase supplies frequently.

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Can you combine promo codes on Etsy?

Hello – I’ve just received an order and the customer has successfully used 2 different coupon codes. One coupon code was to receive free shipping and the other gave her a 10% discount. I’m surprised to see this and didn’t actually think it would be possible to apply more than one discount code.

Can you have two Etsy shops on the same account?

Yes, you can have more than two Etsy shops. … Be sure to accurately represent your businesses and make sure that each account complies with Etsy’s Seller Policy.

What is multi buy discount?

Multibuy discount is a discount which is activated by a quantity of products sold. You can either define a new unit price or a discount (percentage or amount) when a certain number of items has been sold and set a further discount with an increasing number of items.

How many Etsy categories can you have?

Shop section basics: You can have up to 20 custom sections, as well as the default All items section that is in every shop. A section name can be up to 24 characters. Sections that don’t have any item listings won’t appear on your public shop page.

Can you use multiple gift cards on Etsy?

But it seems you can only use one gift card per transaction – and Etsy’s recommended way of receiving payment by instalments involves PayPal, which doesn’t accept gift cards.

Do you have to pay separate shipping on Etsy?

When listing an item in your shop, you must enter primary and secondary shipping costs. Primary shipping cost: This is the cost of shipping the item alone. … The secondary cost applies when a buyer purchases multiple, different listings within your shop at the same time.

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How many coupon codes can you have on Etsy?

We’ll include up to 12 different coupons per offer email. If a shopper adds an item to their cart and then removes the item within 24 hours, they won’t receive a coupon for your shop in a targeted offer email.