How do you get 10 RS drop in free fire?

How do I get airdrop on free fire daily?

It’s not 100% possible to get 10rs airdrop daily in free fire, once u buy 10rs or 29rs airdrop once, they will send lesser and lesser airdrops of 10rs and 29rs the more u buy them. It is POSSIBLE.

How do I get special airdrop in free fire Quora?

To get special airdrop you should play classic Bermuda or clash squad ranked . By playing classic you should have to become 1st(BOOYAH!). Otherwise you should become most valuable player in clash squad ranked by taking more damage and kill than your teammates. (BOOYAH!

What is ARS in Free Fire?

Assault rifles form a class of weapons that excel in medium-range combat and are pretty consistent with their damage. They can also be used over long to short distances, which makes them a versatile choice in any situation.

How do you transfer diamonds in Free Fire?

Gamers can follow the steps given below to gift friends free Diamonds. Gifting Diamonds: Step 1- Tap on the top right-corner of the lobby screen to open the friend list. Step 2- Tap on the profile of the gamer who’ll be receiving the Diamonds.

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How do you headshot in Free Fire?

Free Fire Headshot Guide: Tips to hit headshots

  1. Finger Layout (Custom HUD) Free Fire Headshot sensitivity. …
  2. Aim or Cross-hair placement. …
  3. Sensitivity Settings. …
  4. Do not hit Enemies who are moving. …
  5. Practice.

Which is the No 1 gun in Free Fire?

1. MP40. The MP40 is the best of the best, and if you rock it with the GROZA, you’ll be a killing machine. Boasting a 20-round magazine and an 83 rate of fire, you’ll blow people away before they even know you’re around.

Which gun is best for headshot in Free Fire?

Some of the best Free Fire weapons for perfect headshots

  • #1 M14. The M14 weapon is great for long-range shots in Free Fire (Image via cashify) …
  • #2 Scar. Easy to perform headshots (Image via cashify) …
  • #3 GROZA. A good range weapon from me long-range combat situations in Garena Free Fire (Image via cashify) …
  • #4 AWM. …
  • #5 M1887.

How do you top-up 10 diamonds in a free fire?

How to Instant top-up Free Fire Diamonds:

  1. Select the Diamonds denomination.
  2. Enter your Player ID.
  3. Check out and select your payment method.
  4. Once payment made, the Diamonds will be credited to your Free Fire account Instantly.

How do I give my friend a diamond ML?

Click on the pink packed item below the love symbol on the right side. Once this opens, you can choose from several gift options to send diamonds to your friend.