How do you use Ubisoft discount?

Select View cart. Select Add a promo code, in the Order recap section. Enter your promo code exactly as it appears, and select Apply. The price will refresh to show your discounted total.

How does Ubisoft discount work?

Choose Get 20% off with 100 Units. Select Get discount. Please note that the box will only appear when you have at least 100 Units and if all items in your cart are eligible. Review the terms of the offer and tick the box.

How do I get 20% off Ubisoft?

You can exchange 100 Ubisoft Connect Units for a 20% off code for the Ubisoft Store.

  1. To claim your 20% discount:
  2. • …
  3. • …
  4. You will then see your discount code on-screen.
  5. A copy of the code will also be sent to the email address attached to your Ubisoft account.
  6. Visit the Ubisoft Store to redeem your discount code.

How do you use Ubisoft discount code on ps4?

Select the Get discount button to claim your code. You will then see your discount code on-screen. A copy of the code will also be sent to the email address attached to your Ubisoft account. Visit the Ubisoft Store to redeem your discount code.

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How long does a Ubisoft discount code last?

The codes have an expiry date of three months, and can only be used once. If you are having trouble with redeeming your code please get in touch, attaching an image of the code and any error messages you may have received.

How do you use Ubisoft Store?

Downloading Ubisoft+ games for Ubisoft Connect PC | Ubisoft Help.

Can you stack Ubisoft discounts?

The coupon can be used to make purchases on the Ubisoft Store. However, it is not applicable on pre-orders, gear and virtual currency. Also, it is not stackable with other coupons.

How do I get Ubisoft XP?

Your Ubisoft Account has a level, which can increase by completing challenges and earning Ubisoft Connect XP. The more you play, the more you earn XP and level up, with no limits. You will be awarded Units with each level, and you can spend them to unlock unique rewards in your games.

How do you write a discount message?

How to Write a Discount Offer for Limited Time Only?

  1. Make sure customers are aware that sales are time-limited.
  2. Write an attention-grabbing headline mentioning the occasion/ saving percentage/ special gifts/ timeframe.
  3. Highlight the deadline with bright coloring, bold text, or any other special effects.

How do I get 2021 Ubisoft coins?

Ubisoft Connect Units are points which you can earn by raising levels through earning XP. They can also be earned by completing purchases in the Ubisoft Store. You can use Units to unlock available rewards for your Ubisoft games or get a discount for the Ubisoft Store.

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Where is my Ubisoft coupon?

Your discount code will now be displayed on screen for use, and a copy will be delivered to the email address associated with your Ubisoft account.

What is an activation key for Ubisoft?

Choose the Games tab. Select the game tile. On the left hand side under Play or Download, choose Show key. You will now be shown the key to activate the main game.

How do you use Ubisoft tokens?

To claim your rewards: • Go to the Ubisoft Connect website. Select the reward you wish to redeem. Choose Get it for free.

Does Ubisoft plus have a free trial?

To aid gamers in deciding where to throw their money for access to a trove of games, Ubisoft is running a free seven-day trial for its UPlay+ subscription service.