Is there any discount on Tata Harrier?

For the month of December, dealers are offering an exchange discount worth Rs 40,000 and a corporate discount of up to Rs 25,000 on all variants of the Harrier, except the Dark Edition models. The Dark Edition range, on the other hand, is being offered with a Rs 20,000 exchange discount.

How much discount can I get on Tata Harrier?

The Camo and Dark Edition variants of the Tata Harrier are available with an exchange bonus of Rs 40,000. All other variants of the SUV get an additional cash discount of Rs 25,000. The Safari is offered with an exchange bonus of Rs 25,000. The XZ variant of the Altroz can be availed with a cash discount of Rs 15,000.

What is corporate discount on Tata cars?

This includes a cash discount of Rs 20,000, an exchange bonus of Rs 20,000, and a corporate discount of Rs 3,000. Tata Tiago. Tata’s entry-level model, the Tiago offers a cash discount of Rs 20,000, an exchange bonus of Rs 15,000, and a corporate discount of Rs 3,000.

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Who is eligible for corporate discount?

Corporate/ PSU Discount – As mentioned above, there are many hidden discount under various names that a buyer can avail. One such discount is for all the corporate employees (one who works in a private company) and for PSU employees (one who work in a government company).

What is the price of Tari Harrier?

Tata Harrier price starts at ₹ 14.39 Lakh and goes upto ₹ 21.19 Lakh. The price of Diesel version for Harrier ranges between ₹ 14.39 Lakh – ₹ 21.19 Lakh.

Is Tata Harrier a flop?

The Tata Harrier was amongst one of the most talked-about cars of 2019. With its out-of-the-box styling, it was assumed to be a big success in the Indian market. However, though the sales picked up initially, they tumbled down in the following months.

Which is better Harrier or Creta?

Creta has 1497 cc (Petrol top model) engine, while Harrier has 1956 cc (Diesel top model) engine. As far as mileage is concerned, the Creta has a mileage of 21.4 kmpl (Diesel top model)> and the Harrier has a mileage of 17.0 kmpl (Diesel top model).

Is Tata upgrade a Harrier?

Tata Motors launched the XTA + variants of its flagship SUVs Harrier and Safari. These new variants will come with 6-speed Automatic Transmission & a Panoramic Sunroof. The new variants will be priced at ₹19.14 lakhs for the Harrier XTA+, ₹19.34 lakhs for the Harrier XTA+ #Dark and ₹20.08 lakhs for the Safari XTA+.

How much TCS employees get discount on Tata cars?

Discount For TCS Employee in Tata Motors:

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TCS Employee will get discount of Rs 10000 – Rs 40000 for various model of Tata car. For more information contact your Tata Motors dealer.

Which is the best Colour in Tata Harrier?

While Calisto Copper is the most flamboyant of the lot and will make heads turn, the Harrier in Telesto Grey will probably be the most popular colour.

Is there any discount for Tata employees in tanishq?

Discount For Tata or TCS Employee in Tanishq:TCS Employee will get 10 % discount on making charges for all Tanishq products and 2.5 % on diamond. Discount For Tata or TCS Employee In Hotels: … TCS Employee can avail discount of 5% on any product of West Side.

Is there any discount on Ford EcoSport?

The new prices for the petrol version of the EcoSport start now from Rs 7.99 lakh and go all the way up to Rs 11.19 lakh, ex-showroom. The diesel variants range between Rs 8.69 lakh and Rs 11.49 lakh, ex-showroom. This indicates a discount of Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000.

How should I negotiate when buying a car?

Let the salesperson know that you are in the market and looking at different vehicles. A quality salesperson will be able to explain the benefits of his car over the competition. Take a test drive, but don’t talk price. Dealers love to negotiate with you right after the test drive, when you are at an emotional high.