What’s a better word than discount?

What is a good word for affordable?


  • bargain-basement,
  • budget,
  • cheap,
  • discount,
  • inexpensive,
  • low,
  • low-end,
  • rock-bottom.

How do you describe a discount?

The noun discount refers to an amount or percentage deducted from the normal selling price of something. … The noun discount means a reduction in price of a good or service. You can ask the manager for a discount if the item is damaged. As a verb, discount means to reduce the price.

How do you say cheap in slang?

frugal (This word has a neutral to positive association.) penny pincher (This word has a negative association.) thrifty (This is a neutral word.) tightwad (This word has a very negative association.)

How do you say low budget?


  1. bargain.
  2. budget.
  3. buy.
  4. cheap.
  5. cost next to nothing.
  6. cut-rate.
  7. dime a dozen.
  8. dirt-cheap.

What is the root word for discount?

discount (n.)

discount (v.) 1620s, “reckon as an abatement or deduction” (a sense now obsolete), from Old French desconter “reckon off, account back” (13c., Modern French décompter), from Medieval Latin discomputare, from dis- “away, from” (see dis-) + computare “to reckon, to count” (see compute).

What is an example of discount?

An example of something described as discount is a purse sold for 50 percent off its normal price or a store that focuses on selling designer items at below-market prices. … Discount means a reduction off of the normal price for goods or services. An example of a discount is 10 percent off.

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What are the types of discount?

There are 3 Types of Discount;

  • Trade discount,
  • Quantity discount, and.
  • Cash discount.

What’s a word for high quality?

What is another word for high-quality?

excellent fine
superior choice
exceptional great
marvellousUK marvelousUS
quality select

What is a modest budget?

Modest budgets can be the result of intentional frugality or the result of lack of money and increasing debt. Either way, a modest budget can help to restore and maintain personal financial solvency by keeping costs lower than income.