Why did Rebecca Black Friday go viral?

At the age of 13, the singer became a household name after her 2011 music video “Friday” shot to viral fame. The video, which saw Black bobbing along in the back of a convertible while singing about how much “fun fun fun fun” she was going to have over the weekend, made the teen the target of widespread ridicule.

Whats the story behind Friday Rebecca Black?

The lyrics of the song speak about “hanging out with friends and having fun”. The lyrics reflect the happenings of a day, in the life of a teenager like Black, like eating breakfast and going to school. “She’s excited ’cause it’s Friday.

What happened to Rebecca Black after Friday?

“Friday” was derided by many music critics and viewers, who dubbed it “the worst song ever”. Black went on to release other songs including her Dave Days collaboration “Saturday”. She currently uploads videos on her YouTube channel about various topics.

How much did Rebecca Black make off Friday?

At the time, “Friday” earned about 30 million page views, which resulted in Black earning around $20,000. This, in addition to the many downloads of the song, ultimately resulted in Black earning around $40,000. Certainly not bad for a teen superstar.

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When did Friday come out by Rebecca Black?

Rebecca Black has released a 10th anniversary remix of her viral hit “Friday.” Yes, somehow, the original song came out 10 years ago, and I have never felt so old. The original song came out on February 10th, 2011, which weirdly means this new version of “Friday” happens to be released on a Wednesday morning.

Why is Friday song bad?

“The fascination with the video mainly comes down to its subpar production values, grating hooks and extraordinarily stupid lyrics,” according to Rolling Stone. “This is a song that makes a point of explaining the sequence of days in the week.” Hence the parody after parody springing up across the Interwebs.

Is Friday the worst song ever?

The song was dubbed “the worst video ever made” and became the most disliked song, to that point, in YouTube’s history. … Over the summer, one of Rebecca’s classmates did something that sounded perfect: She starred in a music video.

Is Rebecca Black Rich?

Rebecca Black Net Worth: Rebecca Black is an American singer and YouTube personality with a net worth of $500 thousand.

Rebecca Black Net Worth.

Net Worth: $500 Thousand
Profession: Singer, Actor, Dancer
Nationality: United States of America

Is Rebecca Black in TGIF?

The “Friday” singer, who rose to viral Internet fame, makes a cameo 16 seconds in on Perry’s “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”

How old is Rebecca Black?

Rebecca Renee Black (born June 21, 1997) is an American YouTuber and singer. … Black starred as herself in Katy Perry’s music video for “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” and also gave Perry a makeover for the music video, indicating that Perry and Black are most likely good friends.

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Where is Rebecca Black today?

Rebecca Black is now creating more music.

Since then, she has released a ton of music that has gotten a lot of love like “Girlfriend,” “Self Sabotage,” “Closer,” and “Sweetheart” to name a few. And in 2017, she released her debut EP RE / BL that includes six different songs. She’s been out here securing her bags!

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